Review for Death on Demand

A "cozy mystery" and first in a series set in an island off South Carolina. Annie Laurance owns a mystery bookshop there, Death on Demand popular with a bunch of mystery writers who regularly meet there. Soon after one odious author among them threatens to tell their secrets, he's killed and Annie finds herself a suspect. She's helped by Max Darling, an old flame who comes to visit her from New York City. A lot of the fun of this book is all the references to classic mysteries and writers, but it wasn't enough to make me want to read more of the series. Mostly, that's because of Annie herself. She's more in the too-stupid-to-live category than the super-sleuth category and the police chief determined to suspect her denser than lead. I also thought the identity of the murderer rather obvious from the beginning, so as a whodunnit this didn't impress me, but it was a light, quick read featuring an appealing romance.
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