Review for Treasure Island

For our next classic as part of classic week we have Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’. Our story follows our young hero Jim Hawkins (quite possibly the best name for a character ever) and is told in first person narrative. ‘Treasure Island’ has arguably inspired the wave of pirate fiction and movies since it’s release in back in 1883. Now well over a hundred years old, this story still continues to reach the hearts of readers all over the world.Characters: Jim Hawkins is an admirable and realistic hero. Although terrified at the situations he finds himself in, he still has the inner courage to fight on and save the day. At the beginning Jim is a mere boy but after losing his father and setting off on a perilous adventure he soon turns into a very capable young man. Long John Silver is the conniving yet extremely lovable villain. His wit and charisma will have you instantly charmed but don’t be fooled because he has been the ghost of many young children’s nightmares. ‘Treasure Island’ has a whole host of strong male characters however lacks a female counterpart. Jim’s mother however was a tough women and although she plays a minute part it was still nice to see. Stevenson has created some truly unforgettable characters.Originality: ‘Treasure Island’ is arguably the original pirate adventure tale and set the bar for the genre. This classic story has been retold countless times in books, films and television. Without a doubt it has been the reference point for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and has even had a sci-fi rendition made by Disney called ‘Treasure Planet’. The originality of this book is unquestionable and is a must read for any pirate or adventure fan out there.Plot: This is a coming of age story of epic proportion. Stevenson has created a masterpiece that takes you on a wave crashing adventure through untraveled waters and mysterious islands. The nail biting hunt for promised treasure will have you laughing out loud and holding your breath in suspense as we unravel the true agendas of each character. There is a reason this well known plot has been followed in many books as it contains everything you want and expect from a truly amazing story.Writing: The writing style is what is to be expected from most classic novels which can be slightly difficult to start off with but once you get into it, it is smooth sailing from there. The description is beautifully vivid and so realistic you can practically smell the sea salt and feel the wind in your hair. The dialogue was extremely well done. Like all good books, you know who is talking without being told as each character has their own unique voice. The dialogue of the pirates was a definite highlight of the book. Its rough speech is hilarious and yet can send chills up your spine in tense scenesDavid’ Rating: Robert Louis Stevenson is my favourite classic author by far and I cannot recommend ‘Treasure Island’ enough. It is a great story for all ages and is one that will stay with me forever. If you have yet to read this I suggest you put it on the top of your to read list. I guarantee that you won’t regret it – Five golden snitches!Kelly’s Rating: This book narrowly missed 5 snitches for me because I have read other classics that are slightly better in my opinion. If you are good with voices and accents, this would be a great book for parents to read to their children. Possibly the first book I have read that is lacking in female leads but that did not deter from my enjoyment of it. This may be seen as a ‘boys’ book but I would say that it is universal and has something in it for everyone.
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