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In the first of the Rowan Gant Investigation series we are introduced to Rowan, his wife Felicity and his friend Ben Storm. Ben just happens to be a St. Louis homicide detective. Rowan and Felicity also happen to be Wiccans. So when Ben comes across a case that has occult overtones he consults Rowan for some insights. Rowan offers some useful information and then all hell breaks loose. Rowan finds himself being contacted by the spirit of the murder victim (who just happens to have been a former student). The murder is especially brutal and disturbing and, unfortunately, only the beginning.In his efforts to help the spirit he finds himself more involved in this murder investigation than he ever intended. In addition to trying to find the serial killer, we follow along as Rowan tries to deal with his new (and unwanted) psychic talents.Rowan, Felicity and Ben are flawed, sometimes annoying and ultimately human characters. None are perfect and all of them are disturbed by the case. I really appreciate that Sellars treats spellworking in a realistic way and not as something that creates fireworks and leads to flying on broomsticks.When this book was done, I was glad I had the next one ready to start reading.