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I like Tainted, but I was a little underimpressed. It reminded me too much of the Signs of the Zodiac series with all the new body/sister stuff. Torn embraces its uniqueness and I loved the book for that. In Torn, Lily now knows that she has been working for the demons, after being tricked. She decides to play double agent and wants to work with demon-turned good, Deacon Camphire. A demon who raped her 14 year old sister Rose has invaded Rose's body and won't let her go unless unless Lily finds three pieces of a relic that will open all the gates that will allow billions of demons to flood the earth. Deacon wants the relic too, to keep it hidden and keep those gates stay firmly shut. Lily has to pretend to help the demon so that he won't hurt Rose. Added to all of this she must also keep up her pretense of being waitress Alice and act like she is still working with toady demon Clarence. Oh yeah, and there is another big bad following her everywhere. Torn could suffer middle book syndrome, where there is usually not a lot of furthering the overall plot. Instead the book has more action cramed into it than the first book. I like Lily and I like Deacon and Rose. This is important for a book to suceed. The only reason the book is a four star is that it falls a little short on the explanations. I found myself confused at times by what some relic or item was supposed to do. Also, powers come up pretty convienantly as they are needed in the story, and a lot of times as a reader I was confused how and why those powers were appearing. With Lily playing some many differnt 'roles' to hide her own agenda sometimes I got confused there also. Still there was much less of this confusion in the second book as well and it was an entertaining, engaging read. I find myself wondering if there will be more Lily books after the three originally planned. Julie Kenner has another winner I think.