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I decided to pick up Torn after blazing through Tainted earlier this week. Torn continues the adventures of demon-hunting, butt-kicking Lily. After the earth-shattering revelations at the end of Tainted, Lily is trying to figure out her next move. This time though, Lily has her sister Rose with her, and it's time to do some serious big sister-ing. Without asking for it yet again, Lily is pulled back into the fight between good and evil and asked to find a hidden relic that would open the first eight gates of hell -and keep it from falling into demon hands. She gets help from a sexy half-demon, half-angel named Deacon, and ends up getting more involved with him than originally planned...Torn has the same exciting, pulse-pounding action as Tainted, but tends to take a few more "breathers," allowing for Lily's relationship with her sister Rose, Alice's sister Rachel, Deacon and even the reader become most developed. While Torn may not have as much action as Tainted, to me it had greater characterization and brought in some elements aside from just action that gave it some more variety. I was particularly happy to see Lily's relationship with Deacon develop more, as well as to see more backlash from Lily being placed in someone else's body.Another great addition to the paranormal romance genre, Torn's ending just wasn't as exciting as the ending to Tainted. While some interesting truths were revealed, it felt like more a "bridge" novel than anything else. This tends to be a reoccurring issue with the middle books in trilogies, so I can't blame Kenner for falling into this too-frequent trap. Despite this, Torn is a great follow-up to Tainted and a wonderful lead-in to Turned.I definitely need to pick up Turned to see what happens to Lily.