Review for Torn

Torn, the 2nd book in Julie Kenner's Blood Lily Chronicles did not disappoint. I purchased it on Tuesday evening and had it finished less than 24 hours later. I could not put it down.Lily is a demon hunter, although part demon herself since she breathes in the essence of every demon she kills. When Lily's mother died, and her little sister was raped, Lily vowed to get revenge for her sister by killing her rapist. In the process Lily is killed, yet comes back in the body of Alice Purdue, a young woman who is involved, a long with her family, in the dark arts. Lily must keep her identity a secret from her sister, but vows to watch over her and protect her no matter what, all the while killing demons and frantically trying to keep them from opening the gates of hell.Lily is a fascinating character and Julie Kenner's version of the paranormal is a relative new one. There were several twists and turns, Lily doesn't know who to trust, but she has to trust at some point because she needs to keep her little sister safe as well as save the world, and a girl can't do that alone.You definitely need to read the first in the series called "Tainted" which was equally good. I am anxiously awaiting for the 3rd installment next month.
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