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I'm going to go a little bit against the grain here and give "Turned" a three star rating. While I enjoyed the first book, and the second even more so, this one failed to have the wrap up that I desired. I found that the majority of "Turned" was spent with Lily battling her more inner demon: Whether to choose to continue to find a third key and be able to lock the demon portal shut or become the demon queen and lead all the hoardes or demons, or sacrifice herself to close the portal by spending an eternity in the fire's of hell. While this was certainly an anguished choice and should have been utmost in Lily's thoughts I felt like it was rehashed again and again in the same way. The beginning demon battle, taking up right where the second book left off was exciting, as was a big demon battle scene on a bridge toward the middle of the book. I thought the relationship with Deacon was written solidly and believably as was her relationship with both her real younger sister Rose and Alice's sister Rachel. The book lost me at the end however. I was expecting something more epic and I felt almost like the story took the easy way out. Still this series was entertaining and worth reading. There is just so much available urban fantasy to read and I just don't feel like this trilogy is at the top of the heap. Julie Kenner is an amazing author however and I dont' want to distract from that fact. Her "Demon Hunting Soccer Mom" and "Ghouls" series are top notch.