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Uglies, by Scott Westerfield - One I simply could not put down.

Typically I'll read 6-10 book simultaneously. Not this time. As soon as I started on Uglies, I was hooked. And now I will most likely rush through this review, because I am simply *that* eager to read Book 2 - Pretties.

The world-building seemed terribly juvenile and simplified to me at first - but still interesting and fascinating. As I proceeded, the world-building became more and more realistic and believable. What I was surprised to find in this book were literary metaphors and situational symbolisms - something missing in most dystopian novels I've read in the past several years. It was surprising and thought-provoking and extremely entertaining.

I wish I could express better how the book affected me - because it did - which in itself is a rarity with the dozens of ya/new-adult/dystopians out there.

This one is a treat. Don't miss it!

Five of five stars - 446 pages long - does have a romantic theme, but is about so much more - no sex, some mild violence, no bad language that I can remember - suitable for younger teens, but absolutely deep and involved enough for adults to enjoy also.

Excellent read - kudos and many thanks to Scott Westerfield!