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Securing the Virtual Environment: How to Defend the Enterprise Against Attack

760 pages7 hours


A step-by-step guide to identifying and defending againstattacks on the virtual environment

As more and more data is moved into virtual environments theneed to secure them becomes increasingly important. Useful forservice providers as well as enterprise and small business ITprofessionals the book offers a broad look across virtualizationused in various industries as well as a narrow view ofvulnerabilities unique to virtual environments. Acompanion DVD is included with recipes and testingscripts.

Examines the difference in a virtual model versus traditionalcomputing models and the appropriate technology and procedures todefend it from attack Dissects and exposes attacks targeted at the virtualenvironment and the steps necessary for defense Covers information security in virtual environments: building avirtual attack lab, finding leaks, getting a side-channel, denyingor compromising services, abusing the hypervisor, forcing aninterception, and spreading infestations Accompanying DVD includes hands-on examples and code

This how-to guide arms IT managers, vendors, and architects ofvirtual environments with the tools they need to protect againstcommon threats.

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