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In this book a big attention given to cutting process of rolling bars from stainless and heat-resistance steels. For realization of this cutting process into practice with using of cold segmental saws, in detail are considered such important questions as technological accuracy of sawing machines and quality control of cold circular segmental saws.

Experimental-statistical data made in industry conditions for cutting of stainless steels show that the most important factors which influence on increasing of tool life for segmental saw in manufacturing relate to such two things as: a good quality of cold circular segmental saw and technological accuracy of sawing machines.

This book consists from four parts in which are considered “Statistical methods in evaluation of tool life for circular segmental saw” and are shown functional analysis of tool life for saw in dependence from its geometrical parameters, cutting conditions and then are defined the optimum geometrical parameters of teeth saw which guarantee the minimum of wear saw and high tool life in whole at cutting of stainless steels .
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