Since Sudan gained its independence from the British on the 1st of January 1956, the northerners have dominated the political arena of the country and make Islam the only legal religion (law), ignoring all other religions such as Christianity and other local beliefs.

Since then, the war in Sudan has worsened and continues to do so at an alarming rate. Watching the news on our TVs and reading the newspapers for the past 22 years and even nowadays in Darfur, Eastern Sudan, we are increasingly made aware of the genocides of the people in Southern Sudan and other marginalised areas.

Slavery and holy war have been declared against the South. Millions have been killed or displaced throughout the world. Others have undergone humiliation, surviving in the worst human conditions in shantytowns around Khartoum and other northern major cities. No one can really predict the end of the suffering of people of Southern Sudan.

Now the choice is ours. Do we accept slavery or become free men? Vote for the independence of Southern Sudan in the referendum.

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