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Via Facilis:
Mastering Latin and Understanding Language, is an introductory Latin text for
students from grade 6 through college. VF presumes no prior critical analysis
of language. VF employs both traditional grammatical deductive and
reading-based inductive pedagogies in a hybrid method. VF begins the learning
of Latin through English, which the students know and scrutinize, however
subconsciously. Once the students are actively aware both of the basic elements
of the English sentence, and of their composition and arrangement therein, they
turn their focus to Latin. VF helps
students develop sensitivity to the structure of Latin: how its sentences build
and change. The keystone of VF is Building Blocks. Each chapter's Building
Blocks require students to continually revisit the same words, an aid to
vocabulary acquisition. Revisitation calls attention
to word order. The various permutations from block to block enable students to
see Latin's flexibility. Students can read original Latin with real comprehension at an
early stage because of their solid grasp of the morphology and syntax of the
language fostered by a keen awareness of how the Latin sentence builds.
Finally, students develop a consciousness of the fundamental workings and idiosyncracies not just of English, but of language in

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