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Explore the feelings of a man who is like many others: He feels guilty about being attracted to someone other than his wife.

It’s during these moments that he clamps down on his desires, knowing that it could endanger his marriage and family life. But still, his responsibilities as a parent have him wishing he could escape into the arms of another. Find out how he battles through his urges in this book’s first selection of poems, titled “Trepidations.” With moving candor, he delves into his moments of mental infidelity to his wife. The poet follows that up with “Celebrations,” a second grouping of poems in which he expresses his appreciation to his loving wife.

Using a stylistic approach dubbed “cosmopolitan formalism,” these poems are meant to appeal to all people, regardless of their gender, sexuality or background. Weed through the tricky problems of a serious relationship and find a love that lasts in Celebrations and Other Poems.
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