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Sometimes just living is a job in and of itself, and the world would have you believe that what is important in this life is the accumulation of wealth and material goods. But people with money find out eventually that money is not enough to satisfy everything that your spirit yearns for. God is the only way to truly fill the voids that drive you to live your life around material things and money or even food. While walking in the perfect will of God, you will find that not only are ALL of your needs met, but the desires of your heart shall be supplied to you as well. You will finally be able to live with a joy that no one can steal, not just a happiness that fades away when your mood changes. Don't get me wrong, this walk is not always easy, but it is the walk that completes you mind, body, and soul. This is simply part of my testimony, to help you understand that although storms and the frustrations will come, God is always there to protect, guide, and ultimately BLESS you.
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