Bedtime Stories About Zany Creatures
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Ever wonder how a bear would live the way we do?
Would he get ready for bed the same way? Would he be afraid of the same things? Our imagination plays many tricks on our eyes and sometimes being scared can be fun.
Ever wonder how far back in time horses and lions have been placed in history?
These majestic animals show strength and bravery that goes back thousands of years. The kings and Pharaohs have praised them and modern painters still honor them as symbols of power and courage.
Ever wonder what the life of a fish is like?
Fish have only one big worry: being eaten. The fate of a little shrimp to its big hungry predator is just the beginning of the food chain in the ocean. Who is looking for its next meal? Who will be the next dinner guest?
Ever wonder where ladybugs meet their husbands-to-be?
Does wealth play a part in the search? Follow this delightful Portuguese folk tale through the happy trials and tribulations of a bride in search for her groom.
This collection of short stories will delight your children as they explore the creature world and open their imaginations to zany and unexpected situations. Some stories follow actual historical animal references throughout the arts of time. Family members from the author’s birthplace, Portugal, pass down other stories from old folk tales. Most stories are simply the daily tales from the author’s children. The illustrations bring to life the characters in the stories in which each of the four classes of creatures are included: mammals, reptiles, fish, and insects. Of course, we cannot forget the most curious and most extinct of them all: the dinosaurs. Wit and rhythmic sounds fill the pages of this poetic rendition of old fashioned bedtime storytelling.
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