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The title of this book is “THE CREATION AND THE EXTINCTION “. The CREATION deals with unexplained phenomena in our solar system that has lead to the creation of our moon, the continents, and the rapid rotation of our world. This has ultimately lead to the creation of two life forms that may never be understood by humanity. A great mystery in our solar system is the missing planet where the asteroid belt is. There should be a planet where the asteroid belt is and yet there is none there. Another mystery is the formation of our moon the formation and the age of the continents, and the age of the oceans floors. (200 million years). Finally there is the mystery concerning the geological formations found on Mars. The probes made by NASA and the images retrieved by the probes revel some startling information found concerning the red planet. There is a volcano on Mars that is sixteen miles high. This mountain is twice the height of Mount Everest. There are also four more volcanoes found on Mars and all five are in the northern hemisphere. Another part of the mystery concerning Mars is that everything is different in the southern Hemisphere. The terrain is higher and the whole southern hemisphere is covered with impact craters one of which is three point eight miles deep and twelve hundred fifty miles in diameter.
And finally the GREAT AND TERRIBLE EXTINCTION deals with what will happen because of Global Warming. There can and will be grim and terrible events take place because of Global Warming. Global Warming and where it will lead is a deadly series of climate changes that so far no one seems to fully understand or see just what will happen but it is coming.

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