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The poems in How Still the Songbird Lies avoid the purely subjective by relating startling or thought-provoking happenings in daily life that take place visually. The poems do not arise from a desire to state a particular viewpoint or message, nor do they attempt to advance doctrine. They describe unexpected events that convince one of the presence of the spiritual.

Because poetry utilizes many devices, it seems the best way to relay such experiences. Poetry may be referred to as a gift by which understanding mysteriously advances. To create through effort or research does not result in poetic expression. Poetry is a spontaneous response that employs analogy rather than analysis. It is a combination of event and verbalization, rhythm and harmony. Its gift is joy rather than pride, enriching the heart and soul.
The Holy Scriptures, the accounts of Christ, and the writings of the Saints are the measure of the validity of the spiritual (1John 4:1-2) The poet offers these poems in a time when commerce and government routinely remove spiritual and moral elements from human experience, resulting in a loss of values, family ties, and the exalting spirit. Materialism soils life and presently visits tragic circumstances upon our people
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