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Potty Training Boot Camp for Twins
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Come along for a crazy ride through Potty Training Boot Camp for Twins, as you prepare to conquer and celebrate the transition to a diaper-free world! Author Dianne DeLongchamps shares her proven system for potty training twins in four days and before the age of two. The key ingredients for successful potty training are humor, patience, and an “I won’t give up” attitude!

Potty Training Boot Camp for Twins is a program based on loving and consistent potty training that takes the needs of twins into account. The key to this step-by-step process is the use of the American Sign Language “potty” sign to enable your twins to effectively communicate their needs and learn the training steps quickly.

Research shows that eighteen to twenty-four months is the perfect age to successfully potty train because toddlers are starting to realize their bodily functions. They can walk themselves to and from the potty, they can pull their pants down, and they understand simple requests. When this program is complete, your twins will be in underwear during their waking hours and possibly the nap hours—and you will never have to use a diaper again.
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Potty Training Boot Camp for Twins - Dianne Delongchamps

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