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"Barack Obama never failed to amaze me when he was my student. His brilliance and devotion to public service remain sources of inspiration to me. I cannot imagine anyone better suited to be President of the United States."
Laurence H. Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor, Harvard Law School.

"This book takes you into the complex ethnic and political life of Barack Obama and should leave the young-or any other reader-full of his 'audacity of hope.' "
Roderick Nordell, former book editor, The Christian Science Monitor.

This biography of Barack Obama paints a colorful picture of Hawaii, Indonesia, Kenya, and Kansas as the backdrop to Obama's extraordinary life. His white mother from Kansas and his black father from Kenya met and married as students at the University of Hawaii. Their son graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. For three years he was a community organizer for the poor in Chicago; eight years as a state senator for Illinois; and a U.S. senator from Illinois before running for President of the United States in 2008. His charisma and character breathe through the pages of Barack Obama: Voice of Unity, Hope, and Change.
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