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When Dan York, the hard driving owner of a dynamic construction business, rashly takes off into a storm and virtually disappears, the drama of survival which is Fools' Island likewise takes off. As he and his pilot try to extricate themselves from the crashed, undetected aircraft, simultaneously Dan's 'widow,' Ruth York, mother of their two children and commercial artist, is besieged by scheming conspirators bent on gaining control of Dan's lucrative company.
This parallel story creates a tension between Dan and Ruth's respective and desperate human challenges, and provides a suspenseful scenario in which the cast of memorable characters emerge through natural dialogue and setting while the unfolding scenes flow with engaging juxtaposition and pace.
Coupled with Dan and Ruth's personal challenges, the machinations of the cast of supporting players present the gamut of human drives, from avarice and sex to loyalty and love. The resolutions to the various dilemmas at play throughout Fools' Island leave a sense of destiny appropriately fulfilled.
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Fools' Island

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