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Is Sex Tax-Deductible? is the fascinating memoir of an internationally known researcher and professor, detailing his history, travels, and encounters that span almost eighty years and three different cultures.

From communism to cuisine, sex to stocks, radio to radishes, beggars to bourgeois, Paris to publishing, misers to the temple of Mammon (the bank), Bernard Murstein dazzles and delights as he relates how he stepped outside the world of academia to fulfill his long-held fantasies. Who else would think of saving his ticket stubs to pornographic movies as a legitimate tax deduction for a sex researcher? Who else could become a research analyst of stocks without a degree in finance, or review restaurants for a newspaper with no training in the culinary arts? Who else, at age seventy-one, would hold his own in a limited sparring session with a boxing champion? Through vivid descriptions and intriguing details, Murstein describes his adventures and observations while traveling through France, the Soviet Union, and Morocco where he poses questions about treatment of women and receives the most surprising answers.

Murstein's captivating compilation of historical overviews and witty interpretations will inspire anyone who dreams of a better tomorrow to begin turning their own fantasies into reality.
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