Playboy Mack
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Everyone knows the difference between a player and a playboy and Jackson Mack is undeniably a playboy. A young, street savvy man with GQ looks, a charming personality and one of the slickest tongues you’ve ever heard, was a master at manipulating and playing with the hearts and emotions of even the strongest women. Along side his best friend Darryl, he successfully ran a six figure marijuana business which afforded him the luxury of not having to work and also, allowed him the time to roam the streets in prey of new romances.

His baby momma and also fiancé Angelique was a hair stylist, who was sick and tired of dealing with his lies, his cheating and even worse, his crazy other baby momma, the sassy slick talking Shonda. As the two of them feud for his love, Jackson -aka- JT continues to disrespect, mistreat and emotionally abuse them both to the point of no return. Not being able to control his lustful nature, JT slept around causing misery and chaos in the lives of everyone he came in contact with. In a story of unfaithfulness, betrayal, sex and murder, please journey to the end and witness the fate, of the young man known as Playboy Mack!
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