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“You called yourself to be born now. Now, when more than ever your world is on the brink of absolute devastation, of total irreversible, irrevocable destruction, at this moment of the most utmost danger to your fellow humans and yourselves you decided to incarnate on this Earth. Every one of you did it to stem the tide of negativity and evil and to save your planet. We mean that individually. You did not come here to be a part of saving your planet, dear ones. You came to save it. You chose to be born in the era when your world cannot live unless the human race alters itself, subtly but deeply. You took that challenge.”

The human family is suffering in many ways, all of which can be traced to our mistaken concepts of ourselves and each other. The Ultimate Aura is spiritual teacher Eon’s prescription for the illusory sickness that has befallen us. He describes the practices and concepts that can lead us out of confusion, including a sacred mantra, the first in the English language that can bring the practitioner to a state of freedom from the chains of human bondage in this lifetime.
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