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This is an excerpt from the upcoming first book in the Dem0n series (early 2013).

NOTE: this is unedited. You may find typos and other inconsistencies that will be corrected at the time of publication.

On just another humid, hot, sunny summer day in New York, a fire rages. Appearing on the horizon without warning, stretching from the heavens to the Earth, the green flames of the demon fire engulf the planet to remake it in the image of the Master. For a millenium, those who have been conquered by the demon hordes have called it The Reckoning. None are untouched. Many die. But all are changed for when the fire is extinguished, the Earth is nothing like we remember it.

But one little boy, Sam, is changed more than anyone else.

Standing in defiance of the flames, he is given the Boon—the gift of demon essence. And in that instance, he is transformed for ever. Part human, part demon. Half scales, killer instincts, and powerful strength. Half human flesh.

Warrior. Diplomat. Hunter. And most of all magician. Sam must become them all if he has any hope of bringing down the demon empire and freeing the human race. For he is the herald, the bringer of chaos, the Azari…a destiny that can only be achieved through blood and suffering. Fighting through treacherous demons, back-stabbing humans, and two races that despise him for the half-breed he is, Sam is the unwilling key to everyone’s survival. Join Sam and a host of companions—demon, human, and beyond—as he struggles to come to terms with his new form, the magic that courses through his demon eye and arm, and the destiny that could save everyone.
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