Following his two bestsellers, A Travel Guide to Heaven and Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, DeStefano opens readers' eyes to the spiritual dimension surrounding everyday life in a way that makes it a living reality. Angels, demons, the connection of loved ones who have passed, and even the presence of God are all immediately accessible, and DeStefano shows how knowledge of this can help people maintain a profound sense of inner peace.

Although such books have already been popular for general readers, DeStefano uniquely unveils this spiritual reality in a way that is consistent with traditional Christian teachings.

“Right now, as you are reading these words, there is an angel right next to you,” DeStefano writes. “I don’t know if he’s to your left or to your right, or if he’s sitting or standing or hovering…In fact, there may be dozens. Sometimes – for instance, when you’re with a group of people praying or when you’re at church – there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of angels present.”
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