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47 Destinies is a novel about a young woman’s conflict ridden journey where she discovers that every life has potential destinies, but love is her true destiny. Cora experiences a clash of values; pursue her heart or give up her dreams and settle for her current safe relationship.

Cora Jacobs is a strikingly beautiful woman who interns for the devilishly handsome, Brent Locke. Cora’s sharp tongue and inability to filter her thoughts causes Brent to examine his own life. Brent’s consistently direct nature challenges Cora’s limited understanding of love and relationships. Underneath his tough exterior, Brent’s sensitivity shows that Brent is a man all men strive to be. Women want Brent in the boardroom and in their bed.

The love story of Cora and Brent pulls the reader right in with their explosive first meeting. Cora is frustrated by Brent’s invasion into her comfortable life and before long into her confused heart. Brent bluntly exposes Cora’s fear regarding her flailing relationship with her lackluster boyfriend, Josh. As their relationship progresses, Cora slowly learns more about her emotionally closed off boss Brent; however, he continues to hold pertinent personal information from her.

During a work conference at the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, the suspicious death and heartbreaking life of Kate Morgan, circa 1892, fascinates Cora when she experiences unexplainable happenings. While at The Del, Cora allows herself to explore her attraction for Brent through several sexual encounters. As Cora’s heart opens, there is another force at work holding Brent and Cora apart. As the week progresses, the discovery of Kate’s shattered love life begins to parallel Cora’s own experience with love.

Despite Cora’s mixed messages, Brent continues to pursue her. He is confused by her actions, but he doesn’t let that deter him. Brent is crystal clear about what he wants and he doesn’t let anyone or anything get in his way. Unable to resist Brent’s romantic gestures, their love ignites and they passionately act on their feelings. After losing her self control, Cora re-evaluates her life and the men in it. In the search for her destiny, Cora finds much more than she could have ever imagined.

47 Destinies is filled with witty and playful dialogue that uncovers the palpable sexual tension. The descriptive narrative portions cause the reader to roam like a tourist through the streets of San Francisco, bask in the luxury of San Diego’s infamous Hotel del Coronado, explore Montana’s rugged mountains and wine taste in the romantic Napa Valley. 47 Destinies is for all those yearning for a sexy romantic novel integrated with meaning and intelligence believing that love is our true-life destiny.
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