Rover, Don't Roll Over; A Compassionate Training Guide for Dogs and Their People
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Imagine how easy dog training would be if your dog could tell you exactly how to get the results you want. In ROVER, DON'¬?T ROLL OVER, professional dog trainer and behavioral therapist Jody Rosengarten taps into our four-legged friends'¬? perspective to present new, more realistic approaches to dog training. Does your dog insist on sleeping on your bed? It'¬?s okay-let him! Does your pup want to eat "people food"? Don'¬?t worry-go ahead! You don'¬?t have to practice training with your dog (at least not in any obvious way) and the words you choose to use during training don'¬?t matter-really! This pro-dog, anti-dogmatic manual rejects the rigidity of traditional obedience classes in lieu of kinder, gentler practices that encourage your dog'¬?s natural joie de vivre. Written for thinking dog lovers who want to better understand what makes their companions tick, ROVER, DON'¬?T ROLL OVER is for busy owners who want a well-behaved dog, but don'¬?t want to spend a lot of free time getting there. Spoil your dog but teach her to listen too; this alternative guide offers proven yet flexible training methods that honor human and canine alike. An alternative approach to dog training for first-time puppy owners as well as dog devotees. Features real-life training options that honor the individuality of both owner and dog. Includes daily exercises, trouble-shooting tips, and a special needs chapter for training The Timid Dog, The Bossy Dog, and The Lonely Dog.
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