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Rise and Shine
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A true story of a thirty-eight-year-old woman and where she went to find out who she was. Afraid of everything, she decided to live a full life than a secure ‘death’. Getting older she didn’t want to look back lamenting, "If only I’d." Married in her teens, she’d always done the right thing for the wrong reason. Afraid to trust her own inner wisdom, she was living everyone else’s life but her own. Dying inside, she left a twenty- year marriage to begin her spiritual journey. Her teenage son made her strong. We all have stuff hidden away in the corners of our mind. Hers was underneath layers of fine lace, so prim and proper. Once her desires bubbled --passion caught fire, waking her up and burning down her house. But like the phoenix rising, she slowly came up out of the ashes, with the help of Holy Spirit and the angels, to sing her own song.
Her story is one of courage, great patience, blind faith, and humor as she learns every relationship is a lesson in love, no one ever dies, and loving angels hover around us come what may.
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Rise and Shine - Rae Karen Hauck

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