In `Disasters' Dr Asim K Dasgupta examines the many kinds of natural phenomena and environmental disasters that impact the Earth, drawing upon his first-hand experience and years of research gathered while working and travelling as a medical doctor with scientific interests. From a childhood spent in India, a life-long fascination with the natural environment and man's impact upon it developed. The results of Dr Dasgupta's explorations are considered in several case studies that both describe and examine all kinds of disasters and their context within the Earth's environment. Combining scientific fact with first-hand observations, conclusions are drawn that may help future responses to disasters.

In this second edition, Dr Dasgupta draws upon the most recent research and news of international incidents to update and develop the natural, accidental and man made disasters described so vividly in the first edition. An additional chapter detailing the science and experience of climate change draws conclusions on the way forward for mankind. This book is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the Earth's environment and man's place within it.
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