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Despite having grown up in a loving family, seventeen-year-old Gracie always felt different. When a car accident causes her to hear a voice filled with love and longing, she embarks on a journey of discovering how different she really is. Even before she meets him in person, Gracie is inexplicably—but irresistibly—drawn to Luke, a new guy in town who is somehow able to communicate with not only her thoughts but her heart.

Just as she is recovering from the accident and getting to know Luke better, Gracie’s parents reveal the real circumstances of her birth, causing Gracie to question everything about her life. More revelations come to light when Luke explains that the two of them have been Tutelary Guides in previous lives. Tutelary Guides are given to some humans; some are good, while others are evil. Although Gracie has always been a good guide, Luke has had to struggle to overcome his wicked nature. Despite their differences, Gracie and Luke fell in love while assigned to the same human four hundred years ago. They were discovered and granted human lives—lives in which they have reunited, only to be destroyed by Darcia, Luke’s former leader.

Reunited once again, this time against the dramatically beautiful landscape of Montana, Gracie and Luke must work together to defeat Darcia and the forces she has sent to destroy them as part of her plan to take over the world. But can Luke stay strong enough not to revert to his former nature, and is their love solid enough to overcome evil?
Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452506326
List price: $3.99
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