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From the Publisher

While raising my three children, I have often tried to find books to help reinforce the spiritual concepts I was teaching them. Aside from colorful picture books for younger children, there was very little in the self-help genre readily available for bright youngsters seeking a special kind of knowledge to read on their own until now. Truth Works dismantles the negative life lessons our kids are taught by many adults in their lives. Reading, writing, and arithmetic aren’t the only things they learn in school. There are detrimental messages they hear on a daily basis from television, music, friends, and others. People unknowingly drop their false-belief bombs that can become ingrained into our children’s subconscious when they hear age-old, traditional sayings like “money is the root of all evil,” “life is not fair,” or “you have to struggle to get ahead.”

The premise for Truth Works is to undo this harmful programming at a young age, ensuring the subconscious belief system for our children is optimistic, safe, and secure. When we address these destructive beliefs in childhood and expose their false nature, they cannot reside in our subconscious minds for a lifetime as the basis for our beliefs. We are left with the pure, positive, and absolute spiritual truth.
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