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Conversations with Jean
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"Victims of domestic violence who read this book will know they are not alone." -Laurel Lynch, Director Hope Family Services Bradenton, Florida "Here the mind of the murderer is revealed in his own words. This book is for women and all who have daughters and sisters because what happened to Jean is far from rare. Many women are unknowingly at risk. Offered here is insight into the impact of parent-daughter and mother-daughter relation-ships that we all need to acknowledge and nurture. If the unthinkable occurs, families must find ways to cope with what should never have happened." -Constance A. Bean, M.P.H. Author of Women Murdered by the Men They Loved Hawthorn Press, NY 1992 "A heartrending true story that the whole country needs to know. These mother-daughter dialogues take us deep inside the last months of an abused wife's life. Equally earth shattering are the hateful and self-righteous ramblings reproduced from the actual diary of the man who finally killed her, leaving two children without a mother. Anyone who reads this book will understand how urgent it is to put a stop to domestic violence, and to change the male attitudes that foster and condone it. Not to be missed." -Lundy Bancroft Author of Why Does he Do That: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men
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