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The problem with books on writing is that they are often difficult to read. Does that sound right? Shouldn't good writing be easy to read? And if we are trying to teach easy reading writing, shouldn't our books on writing be easy reading? Here's the challenge. Slap an eye on any page of Easy Reading Writing, or browse the book. If you have trouble reading anything, hey, place it back on the shelf. It means I don’t know what I’m talking about. Easy Reading Writing is full of examples, humorous and irrelevant, yet explain the fine points of building believable plots, characters that breathe, and effective sentences, paragraphs, chapters that pass through the reader's eye as smoothly as a film strip passes through a movie projector. Our job is not to tell a story, but to use the words that will trigger the memory and life experiences of our readers, so they will build our world inside their heads. Our writing must never be just good enough. Either it's the best we can make it or it's not. There is no backdoor to effective writing. Better to read light Easy Reading Writing than to curse the darkness of rejections.
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