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David C. Falcaro, a longtime martial arts expert, presents this textbook exploring the history, philosophy, codes of conduct, psychology, and traditions of the Neji Gekken Ryu. Falcaro is a Sodenke—that is, he has received scrolls after attaining proficiency.
Students of the Godaishin Dojo can rely on this guide to excel in their study of Sogobujutsu, learning
• codes of conduct found in a traditional dojo setting;
• ways former warriors applied important teachings;
• forms of martial arts and how they diff er; and
• terms that can improve your understanding of martial arts.
Jumpstart your understanding of martial arts or reinforce important principles you’ve already learned. With this portable form of instruction, you can strengthen your mental and physical skills so that class time can be efficiently spent on training.
This important first look into the many aspects of martial arts etiquette brings meaning to the common acts and actions found in traditional dojo settings. Prepare yourself for success and begin the journey from white belt to black belt with Sogobujutsu.
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