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When Boobs Montjoy ?nally drags Dr. Suggs away from a strip poker game in Texas, they make for Chicago as quickly as they can in a Bentley. Here, they ?nd attorney Bernie Swindle sick and thrashing around in bed, believing some-one has just attempted to kill him—and Suggs is the only doctor that Swindle wants to see.
It appears that he has narrowly escaped death after getting together with a young Latin woman he met at a meeting. The last words he heard from her were the lyrics to “The Girl from Ipanema.” Suggs, a medical doctor with a penchant for investigation, seeks answers, and he’s determined to ? nd this now-missing, singing contract killer.
His journey in search of the mystery woman takes him to the south of France, where he gets mixed up with an exotic dancer, a French woman and her young lover, several freelance operatives, anarchists, Arab drug smugglers, and ex–French Legionnaires.
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ISBN: 9781469786087
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