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How the Churches Got It Wrong
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The true message of Christ is about peace, hope, and love. Sadly, the message of Christ has been ignored and distorted by our Christian institutions. His message of love was given to all humanity, and we all possess the capacity to learn this message. His message was never intended to be a collection of creeds and doctrines created by selfappointed clerical middle-men.
How the Churches Got It Wrong: Christianity Revealed discloses the truth in the message of Jesus Christ, as expressed in His own words. Due to social, political, and psychological factors that motivated the early Church leaders, many of us rely on a Christian theology that does not reflect the love and compassion found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we are to experience the truth of Christ, we must revisit His actual words and apprehend His message of love. Author J. Craig Woods hopes to help us make this search as though we were spiritual archeologists, digging for truth that has remained buried under two-thousand years of obfuscation.
How the Churches Got It Wrong: Christianity Revealed is the true story of the love Jesus Christ shared with us. We can return to our spiritual garden of Eden, enjoying the universal kinship of true Christianity in a journey of love rather than of condemnation. The time to move from “churchianity” to Christianity is now!
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