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She was going to kill him. But what seemed like a brilliant idea a few hours ago did not look so good now. She was not a criminal, was she? She'd never killed before. Ever. And she meant not even a spider or a cockroach or a mosquito, although they were as annoying as her husband sometimes! In truth, she hated violence. She always closed her eyes at the gory scenes in movies or even on the news! So how was she going to do this?
Meet Anna-Maria, the true-to-life character in Isabelle Actis' first murder story. The journey into a couple's rocky marriage, their realistic flaws, ambitions, dreams and disappointments will hold your attention from the very beginning and the suspense will keep you turning the pages to the unexpected end.
The author, a long-time ESL teacher, wrote Murder She Thought with readers whose first language is not English in mind. This book is a genre in itself, a cross between a "classic" murder mystery and an English Reader. The language is "true-to-life" American English and has been left to flow in as natural a way as possible. Sentences are simple and the vocabulary has been carefully selected to make reading easier. As a special feature, an explanation of the more difficult or unusual words has been provided, so the less proficient readers do not have to spend time looking up words in the dictionary.
Murder She Thought is a refreshing story and a thoroughly enjoyable read, even for native English speakers.
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Murder She Thought - Isabelle Actis

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