A Collection of Reflective and Devotional Spiritual Studies

Go back to the beginning ...and remember again all the love available to us in God. We all can find ourselves knocked off course when life gets out of focus. But remembering what our first love ought to be will rekindle our soul's desire to reconnect with a Christ centered life.

This is the second book in the Mother In Love Series. Still offered, is an interactive way of understanding God's Word from where you are today. Relate Scriptures, stories, questions, and quiet time into each day. Re-discover the lessons in the stories of Jonah, Job and Noah, as well as lessons learned from personal stories. Reflect and devote time to these studies,experience a deeper Spiritual connection to Jesus.

Do not wait any longer. We can return to God. Work at restoring a relationship that will last forever!

"Mary continues in all of her books to understand Truth comes from the Bible. God gives to us the necessary Truth to handle all problems in our lives. Her books reflect this understanding of life."

Gordon Hendrickson, Acts 6 Missions

"Mary is a rising star in the Lord's galaxy of Biblically sound
writers." Suzanne Geiss...Founder of Woofi the Missionary Puppy
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