God is still speaking! Sometimes we hear but we don't listen. Seeds From My Garden is an attempt to share God speaking to one amateur gardener as he shows his Love, Faith, Patience and Joy to her life. It is not the purpose of these devotions to present great theorlogical theories or questions but to assure you that God is closer than you think.... Seeds From My Garden takes you on a walk through backyards, along rivers and streams and down wooded lanes to observe the residents, both flora and fauna, of God's beautiful creation. These personal experiences have brought the author to a closer walk with God and it is her prayer that they will help you to hear God speaking and to cultivate the seeds God has planted in you.

After reading this book, I don't know whether to go and buy a package of seeds and some gardening tools to start a garden or sit down in front of a warm fireplace and have a slive of hot apple pie. I would stronly recommend this book to anyone seeking to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or someone wanting to enrice their walk with the Lord. Rev. Jim Kuh, Founder of New Life Street Ministries
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