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When you think of the “hood,” you think of drug dealers, murderers and violence, but do you ever consider the children who have to grow up there? What are their lives like? What do they learn? How do they feel? Where do they end up? All of those drug dealers and criminals that you think of start out as children, just like your children. They are not placed on the streets as adults. They have parents and families and they live their lives based on what they see. Some of those children end up as career criminals, some don’t make it out alive, and some grow up to be authors.

When you think of Wu Tang, you think of the rappers. That’s not the real Wu Tang. The story of the real Wu Tang and those kids who started it all is finally here. The Grain will teach you where the real Wu Tang came from and what happened to the members.

Every decision we make in life dictates our destiny, and as the author puts it, you have to understand history to not repeat it and to create a better outcome. Know your history; know your Wu Tang history.
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