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Google Brain is a “Time Machine” that takes you “back to the future.” By being linked to the
Internet, you're quickly plunged into the sights and sounds of the past.

You become an eyewitness of the 20th century––the Great Depression, World War II, Censorship, Cold War, Strikes, and Protests. The idea of using the Internet as a crystal ball came to the author after a dog chewed up his memoir and Barack Obama’s, too.

When you choose Google Brain, you’ll be whisked away on a “Time Machine” and after you’ve used it, you’ll even know how to make one for yourself. Since anybody can do it––welcome aboard!

Mike Johnson, foreign correspondent, now seen in the International Herald Tribune: “It feels good to see him surface as the good writer that he is.”

Ron Miller, editor of and noted syndicated television critic: “I wish only ten per cent of the people in America were as up-to-date and savvy ... If so, we would still be leading the world in something more besides pollution and warfare.”

Jerry Nachman, author of Seriously Funny, writing in Newsweek: “At a recent college reunion, the life of the party was my former professor, who was funnier than any one of us.”
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