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Divine Spirituality is Divine and it reveal a state of conscious that is very serene, profound, insightful, inspiring, the mind is lucid and is with much wisdom. Chief Elder Osiris has entered the realm that is beyond mind conscious and has revealed the Divine principals of Divine Spirituality that is revealed to the readers of this book, this is the type of book that should be read over and over again for your own clarification and inspiration to know thyself.
This book is A concrete contribution for the world mind-set to experience a Divine transformation. This book is the manual we need to teach our children about the Universal Nature at an early age.
Chief Elder Osiris shows no compromise in revealing the Divine Truth concerning the sacredness of Divine Spirituality, this book should intrigue even those who are listed among the skeptics about the multidimensional Nature of Divine Truth and
Reality about all things physical and nonphysical.
This book, Divine Spirituality is evident of powerful Divine original creative thought, it represent a version of what original Thinking is all about which definitely stretches the limit of our imagination, the Divine Information is beyond the human consciousness. The theories it presents, establishes concrete evidence that Beyond the profane ego, there is the real Self in need of being discovered again and in this book, Chief Elder help us to embark upon such a journey to know thyself.
This book Divine Spirituality, It helps excites, ignite, elevate, levitate, unite other intuitive Divine critical thinkers and writers. This book Divine Spirituality reveals that there is far more to what we think we are, It reveals to us the Divine quality of mind a true Spiritual leader must have in order to Divinely teach the people, a people in need of knowing thyself.
This book reveals how we should be renewing or mind-set, that is if we desire to live the abundant life we came to earth to live. There is only Original thoughts being revealed throughout this entire book. This book is worth Time to take and read it for your Spiritual growth.
Goddess Isis (aka) Haadiya Aamon
Divine Spiritualist
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ISBN: 9781440176043
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