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Families are one of society's oldest and most resilient institutions. From the beginning of human life, people have grouped themselves into families to find emotional, physical and collective support. Although in recent years social commentators have predicted the demise of both marriage and the family, they not only survive but continue to change and evolve.

Family Treasures is a tool for all different types of individuals and families to better understand the qualities of strong families: appreciation and affection, commitment, positive communication, successful management of stress and crisis, spiritual well-being and enjoyable time together. Written in conversational style, Family Treasures empowers families to assess their own strengths and to develop a plan for building upon their successes. Within each chapter are family inventories and a variety of family-tested activities that can be used to enhance the quality of the family.

"Family Treasures is one of those great resources that has strong research at its base and can be used by a variety of disciplines. The assessment tools and activities can be readily used by professionals and families to strengthen family relationships."
Linda Skogrand, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Extension Specialist
Utah State University
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Family Treasures - Lisa Jasa

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