Divorced But Not Forsaken
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There are few remaining topics in the Christian church that can raise a more vehement and diverse response than divorce. For the last thirty years, the church seems to have watched from the sidelines as the number of failed marriages within its membership has risen to reflect statistics alarmingly similar to the secular world.

Rather than addressing the reality that even some Christian marriages will end in divorce, church leaders have responded with a generally confusing mixture of ignoring the problem, or admonishing those struggling with bad marriages to simply figure out a way to remain in the marriage. These diametrically opposed tactics may seem to provide a comprehensive solution, but in fact leave in isolation the continually growing population of divorced Christians who must deal with this emotionally and spiritually charged life experience. Divorced but Not Forsaken: Experiencing God's Healing as Marriage Ends is the book that I needed to read as I was seeking answers during my own divorce.

"The healing process that transpires through the pages of Divorced but Not Forsaken can be felt by the writer and reader alike."
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