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When Matthew Bartram’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, he found himself reaching for the comfort and solace of poetry. Out of his grief comes The Unfairness of Angels, a collection of poems that is not only a tribute to one woman’s life, but also the story of one young man’s search for meaning. In unsparing language, Bartram’s poems tackle universal subjects such as loss, love, theology, morality and snapshots of England and contemporary life.

“Do we really care what the future brings? In this world of shortcomings, The Unfairness of Angels, morality, with wings!”


A protective force,
A loving friend.
A warming glow,
An endless trend.

Forever within our minds,
Forever gentle,
Forever kind.
The woman with us -
From life to death,
She gave us our first breath.

Always helping throughout life,
With all the hard and troubled strife.
Mum, I admit that it’s true,
There’s no other I love -
But you.
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