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Returning home, exhausted and empty-handed from a day trip to the Sacramento SPCA, she was leafing through her local paper, when her eye lit upon this ad: "ADULT MALE ROTTWEILER FREE TO A GOOD HOME." The last year had been a crummy one for her. She had to put down her last Rottweiler. She had undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer and had been missing the companionship of a Rottie. For the last twenty-five years, there had always been one in her life. A year had gone by since she had put the last one down, and at the same time finished her chemo treatments. This was not the kind of ad she saw everyday and she felt that this was a special message to her. "I will call first thing in the morning," she thought.

This is the beginning of Quinn's story, a truly remarkable dog, who changed her life as much as she changed his. He became part of a new family and met many, many new people who became part of his life. He faced an enormous challenge through which he both taught and learned the meaning of love and trust. This story will appeal to anyone who has ever loved a dog.

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