The Mystery of Lawlessness
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It is Friday, August 1, 2008 at 3:37 P.M. when defense Attorney Joe González walks into a Eagle Pass courtroom and finds District Judge Galaviz lying on the floor, surrounded by his bailiff , attorneys, and others. Judge Galaviz is dead of a massive heart attack.
When Kevin Helms, the head of a prestigious law firm, calls González into his office the next day, he reveals that a large briefcase filled with fifty bundles of five thousand dollars each had been left in Judge Galaviz’s chambers a few days before his death in a botched attempt to bribe him. The FBI is now involved and Helms wants González to assume the duties of the now vacated bench in an effort to catch whoever wanted Judge Galaviz’s attention. A reluctant González finally agrees and must endure the criticism of those who do not think he is qualified to take over the bench while simultaneously becoming embroiled in drug trafficking and other issues taking place on the Texas/Mexico border.
America and Mexico must work together to prevent a disaster to both countries while González faces an epidemic of violence, political conflicts, and religious beliefs, all while focusing on just one goal—to stay alive.
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