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Each of us is made of the same “stuff,” yet we continuously see each other and the world around us as dissimilar and separate. It’s important to see ourselves as part of a greater entity. In Wholarian Vision, author Katrina Mayer presents a new way of seeing the world and bringing it together.

With prose, stories, and poems interspersed, Mayer introduces the Wholarian vision—a process of being connected to all things and to all people in order to see others without prejudice or bias. Wholarian Vision introduces and explains this new concept and describes how it affects the mind, body, and spirit. It discusses both the Wholarian world and the relationships within it.

With the goal of bringing the world together through a global perspective, Wholarian Vision shows how we all originate from one and we will always be part of one. Our actions, our choices, our lives, and our voices are the message of one heart, one world, and one love.
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