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● Are there maggots in your mushrooms?
● Is your drywall reeking of sulfur and turning your silver black?
● What are the secrets that restaurants don’t want you to know?
● What’s worse…tainted or counterfeit products?
● Has China turned a blind eye or tried to cover up?
● What is the price to pay for food safety?
● Is it time to ban all imports from China?

While the Chinese knowingly and intentionally export inferior products and dangerous toys, food, prescriptions and any type of goods to America, we keep buying them and putting our lives in danger. There is enough going on to make you sick, as most imports are not inspected! Even Wal-Mart cracked down on Chinese suppliers.
After years of F.D.A. and congressional investigations, testimony and posturing, are we any safer? Basically, the government has failed to improve the safety of products ─ the cheapest stuff is the riskiest!
Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy and if it says ‘MADE IN CHINA’ or ‘PRC’ just choose another product or none at all. Is this the decline and fall of the American Economy? Is off-shoring our security Enough to Make You Sick…?
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