Readers who share the author's assertion of his belief that contemporary American society may be suffering from a "poverty of mind" will be intrigued by the systematic unfolding of the neat concept of "active life under the umbrella of right living" in his invigorating book, The Success Mantra. Dr, Bhat advances insights into emotional, physical and financial wellness and touches upon moral laws and spiritual disciplines governing humanity. Initial sections are devoted to instigating transformation of daily habits within the context of the examples provided by Mahatma Gandhi, Reverend King, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Oprah Winfrey, among many. What is meant by true success and happiness and how do we acheive them? How do we tap into our six levels of energy through yoga? What are the six principles of right living? How do work, money, and sex fit within the definition of abundant living? Uplifting concepts aimed at promoting fulfillment for interested individuals through an emphasis on introspection, spirituality and self-improvement are presented. All five chapters are packed with food for thought intended to both inspire and enlighten the reader. Each chapter concludes with parting thoughts that you may wish to adopt as your "mantra".
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